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tv   [untitled]    June 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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(clapping) >> thank you so much. (clapping). all right. if you will, please
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join me standing for our national song. >> where are you? >> oh, say can you see that the dawns early light what so we proudly hailed. at the twilights last beaming who bright stars and bright stereos through the peril site over the ramp parts we watched were so careless streaming and
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the rockets bright glare the bombs busting in air gave proof there the night that the flag was still there. oh, say side that star banner still wave? over the land of the free and the home of the brave. (clapping)
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>> wow, that was awesome she has a day job she's the community advocate for inhabitation she works with the aligning students to organize for asian students. it's my pleasure to welcome you to our ceremony and tonight i want you to meet the irritation this is the honoring achievements recognizing many of our asian community and efforts to promote units.
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35 years ago president jimmy carter signed into law one week as the aligning pacific heritage week. and this was expand to include the whole month of may and in? 91 it was a permanent celebration. we also have included all communities. in san francisco we're committed to having the celebration. the plan of this celebration are the accumulate celebration committee and now it's my honor to greet you on behalf of the
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committee please give a warm welcome to my guest. good afternoon, everyone thank you so much for joining us this year and we celebrate the asian community. as i look around the room and i think about the event and in a few weeks ago going to have the asian fair, i think about all the parades a or marching or a cheri blossom or the columbus day parade everybody comes out to celebrate and throughout the whole most people are coming up u coming out.
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and we embrace the diversity so i thank you for being here today. and the theme of the dine arts i don't know how many of you who have been to this community font so isn't this the perfectly cool place. i want to thank the staff. but thank you so much for working with us to make this work. the committee choose the theme of the performing arts because of the many, many arts. they're waiting to see how they can enter the world of
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entertainment and that's what we're doing tonight we're honoring those are organizations who opened the door through the perform arts but all the ethnicity communities have benefited. so we want to thank you all for being here. i ask you please continue to do this because that is a good thing. this is a typical celebration and a special thank you to the mayor's office, communications the department of administration services have been very, very
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supportive. when you go to the reception you'll have another wonderful experience and as i mayor has said oh, we wouldn't be mere would without the sponsors. and we rely on our sponsors as far as for all you have done to make this happen thank you for all our sponsor in supporting our communities. and this wouldn't have happened without our community. a group of people have been meeting for more than a half of year and this heritage month celebration is for me and it's about people coming together.
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it's all about the families the asian pacific community. and i want to thank my co- chairs mary? and the american community and those are the filipino american communities. and this year joining our committee of the sisters cities i want to thank you because this is what this is about the mayor says the san francisco pride is wonderful to work together with all our asian communities thank you very much. so with that. thank you. again.
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>> thank you for your leadership in making this a model for other cities to follow. now we were hoping to introduce our mayor but the mayor received a last minute invitation to be with president clinton and his wife but in his place i'd like to have the following supervisors come up and the president of the board of supervisors to present the award and others and we would like to invite the other peripheries and elected officials to join them and the school board member and
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welcome them on stage. (clapping). thank you very much. >> good evening everyone hello. okay. just making sure you guys are out there. thank you and on behalf of the committee i also want - on behalf of the board of supervisors i want to say thank you and especially on behalf of mayor lee. i want to thank everyone to come to celebrate the contribution of asian folks to our city. san francisco is very proud of our relationship with the asian community and we appreciate all the committee. tonight we're honored to be joined from representatives from all the pacific asian countries.
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i'd like to have you all come up on stage. so i'm going to let you know please hold your applause until the end please welcome indonesia japan, singapore as well as the deputy general from korea and vampire please give them a warm welcome. and introducing supervisor erick. so i'm going to read the operation it's beautiful. today mayor lee is proclaiming asian panic heritage month in san francisco and the final whereas clause is most profound
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there's about it resolved the mayor of the city and county of san francisco in recognition of a 35 anniversary the federal legislation launching the celebration and in honor of this year's theme honoring achievement in the performing arts do hereby proclaim may as asian pacific heritage month.
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(clapping) (clapping) >> all right. so which for acting mayor david cowen please give a warm welcome to board president chiu. >> going it's good to be here supervisor cowen as well as
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supervisor mary and our school board member and all of you. i wish you could see the crowd from where i stand you are truly a beautiful crowd i'm going to say a something that's political risky i'm going to say with president obama said you are the best looking most beautiful crowd in san francisco. i was a little late because i was at the city hall in moving the warriors to san francisco hopefully by 2017. and as i was coming over i was thinking this has been a tremendous year when it comes to the giant winning the world series and the 49ers getting to the super bowl.
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and as i was thinking about our warriors and giant i realized i need to say a thanks to those of you in the audience who have been fans of the warriors and giants. we're celebrating the 35th anniversary mr. carter naming this the most but we're celebrating over a one hundred and 60 years of our struggles and 1 hundred and 60 years of overwhelming the issues and the successes we have here today. when i first come into office when i ran at that time, there was only one member of the board
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of supervisors who was asian today, we have 5 and we have a asian mayor and we live across the bay from another asian mayor from oakland. we represent the diversity. but for the triumph of all of you i want to take a moment and remember that we're here to think about the impact of the artists. with you have been stashing not only a vision you're telling the story. and see i want to thank our awe
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suffering leaders. i want to thank the organizations that that impacted us the asian week foundation and thank you for impacting our communities. and to those of you who have been the final lift for our lifetime achievement awards (calling names). actually all of you guys are getting the lifetime achievement award but thank you for entertaining us and thank you for being here the warriors have a great evening. (clapping). thank you so much david for those inspiring words but tonight would not be possible without the support of our
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sponsors which has been the sponsor for the last two years which is target. please join me in welcoming the manager of the target store to accept a small award of appreciation. and as this lady is making her way on stage wild to recognize other targets employees. please stand up. (clapping). and the manager there please stand up.
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all right. >> say is if you words? >> let me try and balance everything out here everyone looks so beautiful out there. okay. so good evening everyone i'm both privileged and honored to be a part of this heritage month. i love the way san francisco celebrates it's rich multiple culture diversity. i'm tiffany and i'm excited to say that our second target store looked at on gary. acting as a san francisco native i'm proud to be part of the community. even before target opens its
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doors we were giving back 5 percent of our income which today is $4 million to local community. target is supporting several initiatives throughout the most of the may slsht our multiple cultural heritage. and we have invite folks to come out for a free day. in closings target is deeply pounder or honored to be acknowledged. we look forward to a continued partnership with the city of san francisco. thank you. (clapping).
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(clapping) >> thank you target for its generous support. i'd like to acknowledge the champion sponsors please welcome the following folks (calling names)
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all right. so who would like to speak first? seriously fits fine >> seriously thank you, very much. i'm honored to be here thank you very much. i think i'm going to be back i will be. (clapping). thank you i'm the vice president of at&t for external affairs i'm proud to be a part of the celebration of at&t has now in the last few years but we're joined by members of our asian
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group. please stand up you do great work for at a t and t >> and we also have the next level of sponsors i want to invite them up for an appreciation gift (calling names) we have folks from mcdonald's.
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>> thank you very much. (clapping). >> all right. thank you supervisor chiu, i hope all of you will have a chance to look at the appreciation gift their original hand crafted pieces of art. in fact, they were handmaid by linda herself that's an amazing art just using pieces of paper. we want to only a our sponsors.
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(calling names) big round of applause. (clapping). we also want to thank our spons sponsors (calling names). and our business supporters and san francisco federal credit union thank you. last but not at least we've received support from non-profit professional community organizations our organizations sponsors are asian fire department's association and police department association.
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filipino chamber of commerce and local 35 union and 0 c a chapter and asian coalition. san francisco sister committee and san francisco sister committee thank you all for your tremendous support. those of you who have been joining us before it's been said that great distances are great because of their passion. the john car distance company units many indian folks and every member believes that the world is filled with expression joy and free speech. please welcome dance company.
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welcome. (clapping). ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪